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Doctors ready to treat a military member that is in the CHCBP

Continued Health Care Benefit Program (CHCBP)

Whether you are enlisted or an officer, whether to continue your military career through to retirement is a decision you will have to contend with from time to time. Staying put and retiring from the ...
Umbrella over house protecting the home similar to insurance

Military Home Insurance

Insurance discounts are one of the many perks of being affiliated with the military. If you're looking for affordable home insurance, a military-based discount can help you reduce your premium without sacrificing coverage. Plus, each ...
Opening an envelope with a paycheck for military special pay

Special and Incentive Pay

Everyone in the military gets basic pay that is determined by their rank and length of service. But there are plenty of opportunities to make extra money. Military members of all ranks and positions can ...
Journal that says "Cost of Living Adjustment" on the cover

COLA Military Retirement Pay

Opting for a military career opens the door to a treasure trove of job perks, ranging from education benefits and health care to guaranteed housing loans and the regular income from military pay. But for ...
Family that adopted a child with their hands on the table

Military Adoption Grants

Even as a civilian, the adoption process can be long, hard and expensive. It’s costly and complicated for anyone who wants to adopt a child. But sometimes, life in the military can add an extra ...
Car rental sign at the airport

Military Discounts on Car Rentals

Military life means travel – often, a lot of it. Rental car companies offer military discounts with the understanding that military members and families may have to hit the road quickly, whether it’s in their ...
mypay military woman at computer

What Is myPay?

MyPay is a website for the military community that centralizes the information and transactions involving an individual user’s military pay. The site provides an automated system available to most active and retired members of the ...


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Tricare Plan Information

Tricare for Military

Almost 10 million active-duty members of all military services, plus military retirees, and their families are covered by TRICARE, the military health system that provides benefits and options at a cost lower than most civilian ...
Military Bonuses

Military Bonuses

Not surprisingly, Uncle Sam has been having a tough time of late convincing young men and women to answer the call to serve their country. With the unemployment rate hovering around a four-decade low in ...
Buying a Car with a Military Discount

Military Discounts on Cars

Military car discounts are a great way for service members and their families, as well as veterans and military retirees, to save money on a new car or lease. Many car dealerships offer military discounts ...


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Military servicemember unlocking door to a discounted hotel room

Military and Veteran Hotel Discounts

You might have noticed: Getting away isn’t easy on the wallet these days. Finding a place to stay for a little R&R is pricey, whether you’re looking at a resort, a hotel, or a motel. ...
Young man signing up for the military and receiving a bonus

Military Signing Bonus

Uncle Sam Wants YOU! People of a certain age will remember those recruiting posters from the last century. Uncle Sam, representing the U.S. Armed Forces and wearing a top hat and bow tie, points a ...
Caregiver caring for a veteran who is sitting on a couch

What Is the VA Caregiver Support Program?

If you're a disabled veteran who receives in-home care, you and your caregiver could be eligible for the VA's Caregiver Support Program (CSP). Those who are eligible can potentially receive a number of resources, including ...
Calendar with military payday dates circled

USAA Military Pay Schedule

If you’re in the military, you’re almost certainly living on a budget, so you’ve got payday etched in your brain. For servicemembers, payday usually falls on the 1st or 15th of the month – provided ...

Military Pay

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Doctor reevaluating a veteran's disability rating after five years

VA Disability 5-Year Rule

If you’re a veteran receiving medical care and disability compensation, notification of a benefits review from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs might feel like getting audited by the IRS. After all, they have one ...
Military service member at home writing down a retirement plan

Military Retirement Planning Checklist

One of the great benefits of entering the military is that if offers financial security, not only when you are a member but also in retirement for those who have made it their career. The ...

About Us

Who We Are Military Money Military Money was created in 2003 as part of the Department of Defense's "Financial Readiness Campaign" with the support of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Military ...
Woman receiving a fraud alert on her phone from a credit monitoring service

Free Military Fraud Alerts & Credit Monitoring

The threat of credit-card fraud or identity theft is ever-present, and it may seem impossible to know when you’re at risk and who might be trying to defraud you. Military personnel, particularly those who are ...
Veteran at the airport terminal looking for a discounted flight

Discounted Flights & Checked Baggage for the Military

Chances are good that military personnel will grow accustomed to navigating airports and downloading boarding passes during their stint in the armed forces. Whether it’s transferring bases, visiting family on leave or taking a much-deserved ...

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Credit scoring chart

What Is A Credit Score?

Dealing with your financial health can be like dealing with your physical health. Before you can fix it, you have to know what the problem is. A lot of people would rather not know than ...
Miniature home sitting on pile of cash

VA Home Loan Refinance Programs

If you're unsatisfied with your home loan, refinancing through the VA could help. Whether you have a high monthly payment, an adjustable interest rate that keeps rising, or other terms you're unhappy with, there are ...
Discount sticker for military dining discounts

Discounts on Dining for the Military

Free meals for veterans and active-duty military members on Veterans Day have become a trend across the U.S., but those who are serving or have served can also find discounts on meals and other special ...
Military couple planning their retirement

What Is Second Retirement?

First, a couple of numbers. 47. That’s roughly the average age of officers when they retire from the Armed Forces. 43. That’s the approximate average age of enlisted service members when they retire from the ...
Veteran transitioning to a civilian job

10 Tips to Help Service Members Get a Civilian Job After Service

The first and best piece of advice is this: Have a plan, and start working on it sooner rather than later. This will give you the best shot at success. For all the difficulties that ...
Top secret documents in envelope that can only be accessed by someone with a military security clearance

Security Clearance Jobs for Veterans: What You Should Know

It’s no secret that working with the federal government or as a government contractor means you might find yourself with access to privileged information. Being granted that access means that you must have, or be ...
Military veteran interviewing for a job after service

Veteran Jobs After Military Service

About 250,000 service members transition into civilian life every year. One of the first things they do is look for a job, and many don’t like what they see. A LinkedIn study found that 33% ...
Military Servicemembers open shirt pocket filled with money

How Debt and Credit Score Affect Security Clearances

It’s the opportunity you’ve wanted. More responsibility, bigger paycheck, maybe a step up in rank. Now it’s yours, assuming you get the security clearance the new position requires. But as the military’s mandatory background check ...
Credit report with a poor credit score listed

What Is a Credit Repair Scam?

If you have bad credit, few things are more tempting than a quick fix that promises to repair your credit and instantly increase your credit score. But beware, a company that offers to instantly repair ...

Credit Score

Free Military Fraud Alerts & Credit Monitoring By Craig Richardson | Credit Score The threat of credit-card fraud or identity theft is ever-present, and it may seem impossible to know when you're at risk and ...
Lender handing military vet a cash advance

What Is a Military Pension Advance?

A pension, including a secure military pension, is often described as a nest egg we build to provide for a comfortable retirement. It’s earned over years of service and paid to you, usually in monthly ...
Jar of coins labeled blended retirement

Blended Retirement System

For decades, members of the military had little to consider when it came to retirement planning. If they chose to remain in the armed services for at least 20 years, they would receive an annuity ...
Keychain shaped like a house labeled 2nd VA Loan on top of an American flag

Can You Have Multiple VA Loans?

Veterans looking to buy a house are entitled to juicy loan benefits civilians don’t enjoy. One of the juiciest benefits can help them buy a second house and not need a down payment to do ...
Veteran at the desk writing a resume

Veteran Resume Writing Services & Tips

Your chance to make a good first impression in a crowd – without handing out $100 bills – is even more difficult when your first contact is a job resume fighting for consideration in a ...
Calculating what GI benefits cover

What Your GI Bill Benefits Cover

Among the long list of perks and incentives offered to military personnel, the most impactful and beneficial may be your GI Bill benefits. Administered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the GI Bill is ...
Military veteran consolidating his credit card bills

VA Debt Consolidation for Veterans & Active Duty Military

Nobody joins the military to get rich. They also don’t join it to get poor. Unfortunately, that’s often how it turns out. Studies show that almost 35% of service members can’t pay their bills on ...
American flag hung on home paid for with BAH

What Is Basic Allowance for Housing?

In the movies, military life takes place on base, in tidy barracks with rows of well-made bunks. In reality, those barracks are only part of the story. The number and diversity of uniformed personnel require ...
Military patch next to set of keys after getting a VA loan

What Is a VA Loan?

We shouldn’t need a war to break out to appreciate the service of military members and the challenges they and their families face, not only during their tours of duty but after those tours are ...
Military Servicemember holding up child with spouse in background

Educational Benefits for Military Spouses & Dependents

The U.S. government recognizes that military families make sacrifices that can have an impact on a military spouse’s pursuit of a career or education, as well as on the education of their children. To help ...
Small figure of military service member carrying a coin/debt on top of U.S flag

Paying Off Credit Card Debt: Tips & Methods

With stunning interest rates ticking away relentlessly, and late fees eager to pounce on the slightest misstep, credit card debt erodes a consumer’s financial stability. These are not small stakes we’re talking about. U.S. household ...
Military service member walking his daughter on base

On or Off-Base Military Housing: Which One is for You?

One decision almost every member of the military eventually must make is whether to live in on-base military housing or find their own housing off-base. The decision is easy for single active-duty military in the ...
Cable, internet and phone contract canceled and crumpled on the floor

Military MOS Lists

An MOS, or military occupational specialty, involves the breathtakingly wide range of jobs carried out by members of the United States armed forces — more than10,000 different specialties covering a vast array of skills, interests, ...
Military uniform and books laid upon table and chair with U.S flag in background

Military Tuition Assistance Programs

While on active duty, John D. used the Army’s tuition assistance program to pursue both undergraduate and master’s degrees. Not only did he take advantage of the Military Tuition Assistance, or TA, program to plan ...
American flag behind a US twenty dollar bill

Military Debt Forgiveness & Programs for Debt Relief

Those who serve the nation do so knowing they will face significant mental and physical challenges. Unfortunately, military service does not make anyone immune to financial challenges, too, so it’s important for any servicemember to ...
A dealership showroom for cars

Can You Get Out of a Car Loan With Military Orders?

A deployed servicemember may find it a heavy burden to continue to pay for a car lease. Thankfully, the servicemember has the option to break a vehicle lease – provided certain conditions are met. The ...

How to Deal with Debt Collectors While in the Military

Nobody wants to hear from a debt collector. It’s unnerving and can be a cause of anxiety. If you’re in the military, debt and debt collection issues can put your status, promotions and career at ...
Graduation including military members

Military Education Programs & Tuition Assistance

The U.S. government recognizes that military families make sacrifices that can have an impact on a military spouse’s pursuit of a career or education, as well as on the education of their children. To help ...
Veteran filing his taxes on a computer

Free & Discounted Tax Services for Military

They say the best things in life are free, and that’s especially true during tax-filing season. Nothing’s worse than having to pay an arm and a leg to a tax-preparation company, only to find out ...
Discounted tag with percentage sign


As a thank you for the service of those in the armed forces, many businesses offer military discounts for active-duty military members and veterans. These range from free to discounted items. Some are year-round, some ...
Room full of packed boxes ready to move after PCS orders


Moving yourself and your family to another location for a job is something that happens across American life. Like most things, it is different for military servicemembers. Unlike civilian companies, which you can leave if ...


10 Tips to Help Service Members Get a Civilian Job After Service By Tom Jackson | Veterans The first and best piece of advice is this: Have a plan, and start working on it sooner ...
Wooden background with set of keys to new military house


There are a variety of programs that provide housing assistance for both active-duty military and veterans. Military and veteran housing assistance not only helps those who are serving or have served buy, build, renovate and ...
Retired veterans saluting the American Flag

Retiring from the Military

Most people don’t volunteer for military service with retirement on their minds. A sense of patriotic duty, a tradition of family service, the chance to take advantage of opportunities for training and growth? Yes to ...
military vet holding school books in arm ready to learn

For-Profit Schools: A Warning for Veterans

Advancing your education and preparing for a career after your military service should be part of the plan for anyone who signs up to serve their country. Whether it’s the G.I. Bill for veterans or ...
military vet holding out stack of money as if loaning it to someone

What is the Military Lending Act?

The Military Lending Act protects active-duty military members and their families from high-interest and costly consumer lending practices. Its major provision is that it caps the amount of combined interest and fees that can be ...
pencils, book, and diploma laying on table with military uniform and U.S flag in background

What is the GI Bill?

The U.S. government recognizes that those who have been serving in the military need a way to catch up to civilians busy building careers and wealth. The GI Bill provides education benefits and support to ...
military vet filling out payday loan application

What Are Payday Loans for Military Members?

Payday loans are a flashing neon sign at the intersection of desperation and convenience. Offering fast cash at a heavy cost, they’ve earned a deserved reputation as a financial speed trap for borrowers. What is ...

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A pile of debt collection letters sent to a military member

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA)

The mission and work of military personnel is at times unpredictable and chaotic, and there are still many facets of life to manage -- whether it be your family, your possessions, or your finances -- ...
Military Family Reunited

Debt Help For Military Members

We Are Serious About Military Debt Help Know Your Options average military members debt 421 ProBiz Clients Intrinsically integrate diverse action items for team building best practices. Globally supply covalent ROI via e-business markets, assertively. 732 ...

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