Military member holding a stack of books

Transfer Military Education to College Credits

By Craig Richardson

Did you know that your military training and experience could actually be applied toward college credits that can help you earn a college degree? Yes, all the time you spend…

Tuition Assistance written on a sticky note

The Top-Up Tuition Assistance Program

By Craig Richardson

Worried that the education funds you get from the Department of Defense (DoD) might not cover the full cost of college tuition? The Tuition Assistance Top-Up Program might help you…

Calculating what GI benefits cover

What Your GI Bill Benefits Cover

By Craig Richardson

Among the long list of perks and incentives offered to military personnel, the most impactful and beneficial may be your GI Bill benefits. Administered by the U.S. Department of Veterans…

Military Servicemember holding up child with spouse in background

Educational Benefits for Military Spouses & Dependents

By Maureen Milliken

The U.S. government recognizes that military families make sacrifices that can have an impact on a military spouse’s pursuit of a career or education, as well as on the education…

Military uniform and books laid upon table and chair with U.S flag in background

Military Tuition Assistance Programs

By Craig Richardson

While on active duty, John D. used the Army’s tuition assistance program to pursue both undergraduate and master’s degrees. Not only did he take advantage of the Military Tuition Assistance,…

Graduation including military members

Military Education Programs & Tuition Assistance

By Maureen Milliken

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has long been committed to making sure education benefits are available to those who join the military. Modern VA education benefits recognize that today’s…

military vet holding school books in arm ready to learn

For-Profit Schools: A Warning for Veterans

By Craig Richardson

Advancing your education and preparing for a career after your military service should be part of the plan for anyone who signs up to serve their country. Whether it’s the…

pencils, book, and diploma laying on table with military uniform and U.S flag in background

What is the GI Bill?

By Maureen Milliken

The U.S. government recognizes that those who have been serving in the military need a way to catch up to civilians busy building careers and wealth. The GI Bill provides…