Flags from each branch of military

Which Military Branch Has the Best Benefits?

By Craig Richardson

If you’re considering a career in the military, deciding which branch to join is maybe the most exciting question you’ll face. Besides the choice between the Army, Navy, Air Force,…

Military service member looking through financial charts on desk

14 Financial Planning Tips for the Military

By Sarah Brady

Financial planning might seem like a luxury for the wealthy, but anyone can benefit from making plans for their money, especially those who are struggling to get by. As a…

Military Reserve Pay Chart

By Sarah Brady

Reserve pay is one of the many benefits of being in the military reserves. If you’re a National Guard or a Reserve Soldier who’s performing drilling and other training duties,…

Jar of coins that someone has saved up

The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) for Service Members

By Sarah Brady

It’s not often that you can get free money, but with the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) you can bring in free cash with no extra labor or effort on your…

Retired military veteran checking his pay on a calculator

Retired Military Pay

By Phil Sheridan

If you weren’t thinking about retirement or other benefits when you enlisted in the military, that’s okay. You are still protected by one of the top three benefits of military…

Spouse filing taxes while partner is deployed

Filing Taxes When a Military Member Is Deployed

By Michael Knisley

You’re away from your family. Your living quarters aren’t exactly luxurious. You might not be getting the supplies, or even the information, you need. Safety is an issue. Peace of…

Military rep handing out a bonus check

Selective Retention Bonus (SRB)

By Robert Shaw

The selective retention bonus is the U.S. military’s take on an old Army recruiting poster. The twist is that Uncle Sam not only wants you but wants to keep you.…

Bank teller filling out information for a military customer

Best Banks and Credit Unions for the Military

By Sarah Brady

The unique circumstances of military life for both members and their families require financial institutions that understand these circumstances. Military banks and credit unions are set up specifically to meet…

Opening an envelope with a paycheck for military special pay

Special and Incentive Pay

By Maureen Milliken

Everyone in the military gets basic pay that is determined by their rank and length of service. But there are plenty of opportunities to make extra money. Military members of…

Journal that says "Cost of Living Adjustment" on the cover

COLA Military Retirement Pay

By Craig Richardson

Opting for a military career opens the door to a treasure trove of job perks, ranging from education benefits and health care to guaranteed housing loans and the regular income…