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Separating From the Military Overseas

By Craig Richardson

Many who sign up for a military career do so for the adventure, the travel and the opportunity to live and work in foreign countries. And retiring from the military…

Military service member at home writing down a retirement plan

Military Retirement Planning Checklist

By Maureen Milliken

One of the great benefits of entering the military is that if offers financial security, not only when you are a member but also in retirement for those who have…

Military couple planning their retirement

What Is Second Retirement?

By Michael Knisley

First, a couple of numbers. 47. That’s roughly the average age of officers when they retire from the Armed Forces. 43. That’s the approximate average age of enlisted service members…

Lender handing military vet a cash advance

What Is a Military Pension Advance?

By Phil Sheridan

A pension, including a secure military pension, is often described as a nest egg we build to provide for a comfortable retirement. It’s earned over years of service and paid…

Jar of coins labeled blended retirement

Blended Retirement System

By Tom Jackson

For decades, members of the military had little to consider when it came to retirement planning. If they chose to remain in the armed services for at least 20 years,…

Retired veterans saluting the American Flag

Retiring from the Military

By Phil Sheridan

Most people don’t volunteer for military service with retirement on their minds. A sense of patriotic duty, a tradition of family service, the chance to take advantage of opportunities for…