Banner that reads "Happy Veterans Day"

100+ Veterans Day Military Deals and Discounts for 2024

By Maureen Milliken

Veterans Day, and often the days around it and even the entire month of November, is a great opportunity for veterans, military members, and their families to find military discounts…

Car rental sign at the airport

Military Discounts on Car Rentals

By Maureen Milliken

Military life means travel – often, a lot of it. Rental car companies offer military discounts with the understanding that military members and families may have to hit the road…

Buying a Car with a Military Discount

Military Discounts on Cars

By Maureen Milliken

Many car dealerships offer military discounts as rebates once the car is purchased. Others offer them as discounts during the purchase or on the overall cost of a lease. Military…

Military servicemember unlocking door to a discounted hotel room

Military and Veteran Hotel Discounts

By Michael Knisley

You might have noticed: Getting away isn’t easy on the wallet these days. Finding a place to stay for a little R&R is pricey, whether you’re looking at a resort,…

Veteran at the airport terminal looking for a discounted flight

Discounted Flights & Checked Baggage for the Military

By Tom Jackson

Chances are good that military personnel will grow accustomed to navigating airports and downloading boarding passes during their stint in the armed forces. Whether it’s transferring bases, visiting family on…

Discount sticker for military dining discounts

Discounts on Dining for the Military

By Maureen Milliken

Free meals for veterans and active-duty military members on Veterans Day have become a trend across the U.S., but those who are serving or have served can also find discounts…

Veteran filing his taxes on a computer

Free & Discounted Tax Services for Military

By Tom Jackson

They say the best things in life are free, and that’s especially true during tax-filing season. Nothing’s worse than having to pay an arm and a leg to a tax-preparation…

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By Maureen Milliken

As a thank you for the service of those in the armed forces, many businesses offer military discounts for active-duty military members and veterans. These range from free to discounted…