Balance scale with savings on one end and a house on the other

Paying Off Debt vs Saving for a House

By Michael Knisley

You want to buy a house, and why not? If you have access to the VA loan programs that can make home ownership more affordable for members of the military,…

Military figure flipping a penny on an American flag

How to Manage Debt While in the Military

By Craig Richardson

For better or worse, borrowing money and taking on debt is a way of life for Americans. We take out loans for big-ticket items like houses, cars and college educations.…

Man with empty wallet

Joining The Military With Debt

By Craig Richardson

A military career can offer a fresh start and many opportunities. But significant amounts of debt and a questionable credit history can limit much of what’s available to you, including…

U.S. dollars next to an American flag patch

Financial Help for Veterans

By Craig Richardson

Many of us struggle to cover the costs of our day-to-day living expenses, like housing, food and transportation. An uncertain financial picture can be further clouded by an unexpected and…

Military veteran consolidating his credit card bills

VA Debt Consolidation for Veterans & Active Duty Military

By Tom Jackson

Nobody joins the military to get rich. They also don’t join it to get poor. Unfortunately, that’s often how it turns out. Studies show that almost 35% of service members…

Small figure of military service member carrying a coin/debt on top of U.S flag

Paying Off Credit Card Debt: Tips & Methods

By Tom Jackson

With stunning interest rates ticking away relentlessly, and late fees eager to pounce on the slightest misstep, credit card debt erodes a consumer’s financial stability. These are not small stakes…

American flag behind a US twenty dollar bill

Military Debt Forgiveness & Programs for Debt Relief

By Pat McManamon

Those who serve the nation do so knowing they will face significant mental and physical challenges. Unfortunately, military service does not make anyone immune to financial challenges, too, so it’s…

How to Deal with Debt Collectors While in the Military

By Pat McManamon

Nobody wants to hear from a debt collector. It’s unnerving and can be a cause of anxiety. If you’re in the military, debt and debt collection issues can put your…

military vet holding out stack of money as if loaning it to someone

What is the Military Lending Act?

By Maureen Milliken

The Military Lending Act protects active-duty military members and their families from high-interest and costly consumer lending practices. Its major provision is that it caps the amount of combined interest…

military vet filling out payday loan application

What Are Payday Loans for Military Members?

By Robert Shaw

Payday loans are a flashing neon sign at the intersection of desperation and convenience. Offering fast cash at a heavy cost, they’ve earned a deserved reputation as a financial speed…