Military servicemember on the phone

How Can Military Cancel TV, Internet & Phone Contracts?

By Maureen Milliken

Servicemembers and their families know all too well that military life often means pulling up roots and moving. This can cause a problem when cable TV, internet and phone contracts…

California license plate

Vehicle Registration for Military Families

By Tom Jackson

If you hate moving, you’re not alone. A study found that one out of 10 Americans would prefer a week in jail than deal with the hassle of moving. Military…

A dealership showroom for cars

Can You Get Out of a Car Loan With Military Orders?

By Pat McManamon

A deployed servicemember may find it a heavy burden to continue to pay for a car lease. Thankfully, the servicemember has the option to break a vehicle lease – provided…

Room full of packed boxes ready to move after PCS orders


By Phil Sheridan

Moving yourself and your family to another location for a job is something that happens across American life. Like most things, it is different for military servicemembers. Unlike civilian companies,…