Small business loan application on desk

Small Business Administration Loans for Veterans

By Craig Richardson

Coming to the end of a military career, whether through retirement or separation, means you need to plan for what’s next. While many transition into civilian jobs, a significant number…

Military veteran translating his skills onto his resume

Military Skills Translator

By Phil Sheridan

You’ve completed your service. While you were on active duty, you learned or improvised many skills, whatever was needed to accomplish that day’s mission. Now you’re back in civilian life,…

Veteran holding hands with a healthcare worker

Mental Health Resources for Veterans

By Craig Richardson

If you are a veteran or active-duty service member dealing with a mental health problem or crisis, you are not alone. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA),…

Man counting up his savings in a coin jar

Tax Breaks for Disabled Veterans

By Maureen Milliken

Veterans who are disabled are eligible for tax breaks above and beyond what veterans without disabilities may get. Tax breaks for disabled veterans are usually in the form of exemptions…

Veteran Friendly Employers in 2023 NEW

Veteran Friendly Employers in 2024

By Michael Knisley

You’re just out of the service and looking for a job, but the hard skills you learned in the military don’t seem applicable to life in a civilian position. The…

American soldier folding flag at veterans funeral

Burial Allowance for Veterans

By Phil Sheridan

The federal government will help with burial of military veterans, but there are conditions and qualifications that must be met. The first and most important condition is that the veteran…

Veteran shaking hands after being discharged from service

Honorable Discharge Benefits

By Robert Shaw

The reality of military service is that nearly 85 percent of personnel leaving active duty each year do so with honorable discharges or a general discharge under honorable conditions. Their…

Lawyer providing legal assistance to a veteran

Legal Assistance for Veterans

By Phil Sheridan

Serving in the military shouldn’t make you more likely to need legal advice, but in these litigious, complicated times, military service can’t isolate you from conflicts that require legal advice.…

Caregiver caring for a veteran who is sitting on a couch

What Is the VA Caregiver Support Program?

By Sarah Brady

If you’re a disabled veteran who receives in-home care, you and your caregiver could be eligible for the VA’s Caregiver Support Program (CSP). Those who are eligible can potentially receive…

Doctor reevaluating a veteran's disability rating after five years

VA Disability 5-Year Rule

By Robert Shaw

If you’re a veteran receiving medical care and disability compensation, notification of a benefits review from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs might feel like getting audited by the IRS.…