Top secret documents in envelope that can only be accessed by someone with a military security clearance

Security Clearance Jobs for Veterans: What You Should Know

By Craig Richardson

It’s no secret that working with the federal government or as a government contractor means you might find yourself with access to privileged information. Being granted that access means that…

Military veteran interviewing for a job after service

Veteran Jobs After Military Service

By Tom Jackson

About 250,000 service members transition into civilian life every year. One of the first things they do is look for a job, and many don’t like what they see. A…

Veteran at the desk writing a resume

Veteran Resume Writing Services & Tips

By Robert Shaw

Your chance to make a good first impression in a crowd – without handing out $100 bills – is even more difficult when your first contact is a job resume…


By Max Fay

10 Tips to Help Service Members Get a Civilian Job After Service By Tom Jackson | Veterans The first and best piece of advice is this: Have a plan, and…