Military member holding a small model house

Buying A Home In The Military

By Michael Knisley

It might seem more inaccessible than ever right now (thanks, inflation!) but owning your home is still a big part of the American Dream, maybe the biggest part. Why? Because…

Lender holding two models of a house

FHA Loan vs VA Loan

By Phil Sheridan

At first glance, FHA loans and VA loans appear very similar. Both are mortgage loans backed by the federal government. Both guarantee loans made to qualified buyers by banks and…

VA loan document on desk

VA Loan Limits

By Craig Richardson

Military service includes a long list of benefits, perhaps none more useful than the ability to secure a VA home loan. With the elimination in 2020 of limits on VA…

Sticky note reminder that says closing costs

Do You Pay Closing Costs with a VA Loan?

By Phil Sheridan

The first step toward answering this question – Do I pay closing costs with a VA loan? – is understanding exactly what a VA loan is, and isn’t. The Department…

Military couple walking through their under construction house

Can You Use a VA Loan to Build a House?

By Tom Jackson

Millions of veterans and active-duty service members have bought homes through the Department of Veterans Affairs. That’s one of the perks of the job. What many may not realize is…

Pointing at a plot of land on a map

Buying Land With a VA Loan

By Sarah Brady

If you’re a service member or a veteran who wants to build your own home, a VA-backed loan could be the best way to go. With a VA Purchase Loan,…

For rent sign outside of home

Rental Partnership Program (RPP)

By Pat McManamon

The U.S. military has joined with landlords to help service members find more affordable off-base housing. The help comes through the Rental Partnership Program, or RPP, which provides service members…

Home with ramp for disabled veteran

Grants for Disabled Veterans with PTSD

By Craig Richardson

No matter your branch of service or whether you serve in peacetime or during a war or conflict, service in the military carries the risk of injury that can alter…

Military spouse holding hands with her husband

Military Spouse Residency Relief Act (MSRRA)

By Tom Jackson

As the spouse of an active service member, you know how the frequent relocations that come with military life can complicate a couple’s financial situation. Traditionally, service members were allowed…

Lender with paperwork for the different types of va loans on his desk

Types of VA Home Loans

By Sarah Brady

Whether you’re a service member, a veteran, or in some cases even a civilian, a VA home loan can help you make home buying affordable. According to a 2022 survey,…